Jumble Quilt Block pattern – Quilt block tutorial

Jumble Quilt Block pattern is part of Quilt block tutorial, Quilt block patterns, Easy quilt patterns, Quilt blocks, Quilt block pattern, Pattern blocks – It’s once again my month to be the quilter for our IMAGINE at do Good Stitches bee It’s always tough to choose which block we’ll do and then once I do that, choosing the colors is a whole other problem What’s the problem you ask Well, there are so many gorgeous color combinations it’s tough to choose just one For our block this month I finally decided on these colors Aqua and orange one of my current favorite combos! Here is the block we’ll be doing I’m calling this block “Jumble” because of how all of the scrappy corner squares will look when the quilt top is complete [printable version of these instructions are available here] To make this 12 5” block you need 1 (white) 3 5” square 4 (white) 2” x 6 5” 8 (white) 2” x 2 5” 8 (white) 2” x 5 5” 2 (fabric A) 2” x 3 5” 2 (fabric A) 3 5” x 6 5” 2 (fabric A) 2” x 6 5” 4 (fabric B,C,D,E) 2 5” square Step 1 To each of the 2 5” squares (fabric B,C,D,E) sew white (2” x 2 5”) strips to the top and bottom Press Add the white (2” x 5 5”) strips to the sides Press Cut this square down to 3 5” (rotate a little or none at all you choose!) Step 2 Sew 2 (fabric A) 2” x 3 5” rectangles to the top and bottom of the (white) 3 5” square Press seams away from center Next, sew two (fabric A) 3 5” x 6 5” rectangles to the sides Press seams away from center Then sew two (white) 2” x 6 5” strips to the sides Press seams toward the center Step 3 Sew the two remaining (white) 2” x 6 5” strips to the two (fabric A) 2” x 6 5” strips Press seams toward fabric A To each end of these strips sew one of the squares from step 1 Press seams toward end squares Step 4 Assemble block as shown below Press seams Trim to 12 5” if necessary There you go One Jumble block completed! To print the instructions for the Jumble quilt block, click here

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