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Interwoven Quilt Pattern is part of Modern quilt patterns, Quilt patterns, Monochromatic quilt, Neutral quilt, Quilting designs, Book quilt – I am so excited to introduce you guys to my favorite, most meaningful quilt pattern yet, Interwoven! I designed this quilt as a gift for my husband He’s been asking for a quilt of his own for the past several years I’ve been hesitant to get started on such a project because well, I wanted it to be perfect The colors, the design, the quilting, everything! If you’ve seen our home decor, you’d quickly pick up the fact that we love neutrals Little pops of color here and there are nice, but overall, I love calm and soothing color palates for the majority of our decor Sometimes grays feel a little too cool for me, but I really love the soft and warm tone of Kona Doeskin I’d maybe call it more of a tan gray I paired Doeskin with Kona Snow (always my goto white), and I knew that I wanted his quilt to contain only these two colors When brainstorming designs, I wanted to create something timeless Blockbased patterns are nice, but I just didn’t picture that kind of quilt on Peter’s recliner I wanted something with depth and movement Something that made you stop and stare I love geometry and playing lines and shapes this was a fun challenge for me! I played around with these lines on my computer for several months before I was happy with the overall aesthetic of the quilt I then turned my plans into action, and I ended up loving it even more than I originally did! And most importantly, he loves it too ) While I am a huge fan of two color quilts, I know that many of you love color and gradients I do too, in the right context ) So I decided to introduce a fun color option for this quilt I toyed around with how to incorporate colors into the quilt Alternating colors between the lines was an option, but that seemed too busy and circuslike to me I finally decided on doing a gradient across the horizontal axis of the quilt to give it a entirely different look Not only do your eyes move with the lines, they also move as the colors fade from top to bottom Love it! This is such a fun quilt to use with color gradients! The throw size uses eleven colors while the crib size uses nine I suggest choosing 13 colors, then build your various shades from those colors Both the two color and multicolor versions include instructions for two sizes, Crib (42

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